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Current officers

President (president@eastenglishvillage.org):  William Barlage, 884-0554,

1st Vice President (vicepresident1@eastenglishvillage.org): Alexis Adams-

2nd Vice President (vicepresident2@eastenglishvillage.org): Justin Hewitt

Treasurer (vicepresident2@eastenglishvillage.org): Pat Blount

Secretary (secretary@eastenglishvillage.org): Luke Boyea

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Our East English Village bylaws

Get involved!

All residents are invited to the monthly meetings and other events, where you can pick up valuable information, get to know neighbors and contribute to keeping this a wonderful neighborhood of choice.

Check the EEV website and the events page often to see what events are coming up. We also invite you to join our email list by signing up here:

Find out if you have a block representative by contacting your street rep (click on your street below). If your block doesn't have a representative consider volunteering to keep in touch with your neighbors and to help trouble-shoot any problems.

You can see some of the many events we get involved in here and in our monthly newsletter. Even if you have just an hour or two a month to offer, consider joining a committee so you can share your ideas and talents with other residents. Click on a committee you're interested on in the list below, to contact the committee chair. The newsletter has more information.

And please contribute to our snow and security funds! We enjoy streets that are plowed each winter thanks to residents who contribute just $35 a year. You can help keep our neighborhood safe by contributing to the security fund or volunteering to patrol for just a few hours a month.


Street Representatives

Outer Drive/Whittier (odwhittier@eastenglishvillage.org)

Chandler Park (chandlerpark@eastenglishvillage.org)

Kensington (kensington@eastenglishvillage.org)

Yorkshire (yorkshire@eastenglishvillage.org)

Bishop (bishop@eastenglishvillage.org)

Grayton (grayton@eastenglishvillage.org)

Harvard (harvard@eastenglishvillage.org)

Cadieux (cadieux@eastenglishvillage.org)

To see who your street representative is, please check the latest EEV newsletter (p.2).



Below are committees and their email addresses. You can find the names of current committee chairs in the latest EEV newsletter (p.2). If you have questions or wish to volunteer for one of the committees, please email that committee or call the EEV message line, 313-216-1729.

General Pets Info/Lost Pets: pets@eastenglishvillage.org

Welcoming/Hospitality: welcome@eastenglishvillage.org

Events: welcome@eastenglishvillage.org

Seasonal Maintenance: maintenance@eastenglishvillage.org

Community Policing: sargeant@eastenglishvillage.org

Vacant Property Upkeep and Code Enforcement:: code@eastenglishvillage.org

Garden Club: gardenclub@eastenglishvillage.org

Paid Security and Volunteer Safety Patrol: security@eastenglishvillage.org

Recycling: recycle@eastenglishvillage.org

Commercial: commercial@eastenglishvillage.org

Residential: residential@eastenglishvillage.org

Senior Services: seniorservices@eastenglishvillage.org

Newsletter: newsletter@eastenglishvillage.org

Layout: layout@eastenglishvillage.org

Advertising: advertising@eastenglishvillage.org

Webmaster: webmaster@eastenglishvillage.org

EEV cellular app: app@eastenglishvillage.org

Traffic safety: EEVTraffic@eastenglishvillage.org


More on the history of our neighborhood and how it was founded and developed.