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Contact information for
East English Village Association

Mailing Address:

Kensington Station, PO Box 241009

Detroit, MI  48224

General Hotline: 313-216-1729 or 221-0225

General Email: association@eastenglishvillage.org


Click the links below to reach an officer, representative or committee:


Current officers

President (president@eastenglishvillage.org):  William Barlage, 884-0554,

1st Vice President (vicepresident1@eastenglishvillage.org): Alexis Adams-

2nd Vice President (vicepresident2@eastenglishvillage.org): Justin Hewitt

Treasurer (vicepresident2@eastenglishvillage.org): Pat Blount

Secretary (secretary@eastenglishvillage.org): Luke Boyea


Street Representatives

Outer Drive/Whittier

Chandler Park







To see who your street representative is, please check the latest EEV newsletter (p.2).



The names of current committee chairs are listed in the latest EEV newsletter (p.2)

General Pets Info/Lost Pets: pets@eastenglishvillage.org

Security & Safety: security@eastenglishvillage.org

Welcoming/Hospitality: welcome@eastenglishvillage.org

Seasonal Maintenance: maintenance@eastenglishvillage.org

Community Policing: sargeant@eastenglishvillage.org

Vacant Property Upkeep and Code Enforcement:: code@eastenglishvillage.org

Garden Club: gardenclub@eastenglishvillage.org

Paid Security and Volunteer Safety Patrol: security@eastenglishvillage.org

Recycling: recycle@eastenglishvillage.org

Crime reporting: dpded.betf@yahoo.com

Note: If you have questions or wish to volunteer for one of the committees, please use the appropriate email address listed here or call the EEV message line, 313-216-1729.

Commercial: commercial@eastenglishvillage.org

Residential: residential@eastenglishvillage.org

Senior Services: seniorservices@eastenglishvillage.org

Newsletter: newsletter@eastenglishvillage.org

Layout layout@eastenglishvillage.org

Advertising advertising@eastenglishvillage.org

Webmaster: webmaster@eastenglishvillage.org