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East English Village represents the area bounded by the west side of Cadieux, the west side of Outer Drive/Whittier, the south side of Harper, and the north side of Mack.  EEV was formed as a voluntary group "in order that its citizens are able to make a more direct impact in the community... as well as be provided the opportunity to become aware of issues and events... in the community..." (Taken from the EEV Constitution preamble dated 2/7/97.)

In the spirit of keeping that intent alive and well, The East English Village Association Board promotes the following Community Standards and Practices.  We believe it is important that East English Village maintain unity not only through our boundaries, but also by a common community interest.

East English Village Association encourages and promotes the following standards as a way of maintaining safety, security, harmony, beauty and serenity in our community.  Most of these standards can be found in the Detroit City Code of Ordinances.  We also strongly believe that by practicing theses standards, our neighborhood will continue to be a desirable place to live and raise a family, and will protect the investment all of us have made in our homes.




  1. Please keep your property, sidewalks and all adjoining public property free of litter at all times. (Sec. 22-2-88(a), Ord. No. 15-02, § 1, 09-11-2002: “It shall be the duty of the owner of record of any vacant or occupied premises, to keep such premises, sidewalks, and all adjoining public property between the center of street and center of alley, free of solid waste… at all times. All solid waste shall be placed in approved containers or removed to a licensed disposal location.”)
  2. Dispose of your trash on designated trash days only: Thursdays are regular garbage barrel pickup. On Thursdays, please dispose of items that fit into the garbage barrels only. Your garbage bin should be placed at the curb NO SOONER than 6:00 PM Wednesday evening and removed again NO LATER than Thursday evening. (Sec 22-2-45, Ord. No. 15-02, § 1, 09-11-2002: “Owners and/or occupants of residential structures who receive curbside collection shall place approved containers on a berm area not earlier than 6:00 PM on the day before collection and shall remove the same not later than 9:00 PM on the day of collection.”)
  3. Please store your garbage bin in the rear of your house where it cannot be seen from the street. (Sec 22-2-43, Ord. No. 15-02, § 1, 09-11-2002: “In order to maintain an orderly and aesthetic appearance within the City … approved containers for residential structures must be placed so that they cannot be seen from the street.”)
  4. Please refer to the City of Detroit’s website and the EEV Newsletter for bulk trash collection days. Place your bulk in front of your residence no sooner than 24 hours prior to the scheduled collection. (Sec. 22-2-22, Ord. No. 35-04, § 1, 11-17-04: “Bulk solid waste shall be placed in a location convenient at the curb in front of the residential structure […] no more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the day designated for bulk collection by the Director of the Department of Public Works.”)
  5. If you have a car that is inoperable or is not in normal use, please keep it parked in your garage rather than on the street or in your back yard. NOTE: the City of Detroit DOES NOT permit unlicensed vehicles to be stored on private property. (Sec. 55-6-67, Code 1964, § 38-17-2: “It shall be unlawful to park or for an owner of property to permit any inoperable vehicle on any property having zoning classifications of R1, R2, RM, RMA, RM4, RMU, P1, B1A, B1, B2 and B6 without a permit as provided in this division.”)
  6. Please reserve your driveway and garage for auto maintenance rather than working on your car in the street. (See above, also Sec 55-6-85, Code 1964, § 38-15-2: “The vehicle shall be abandoned when it has remained on a public street, highway, alley or public place for a period of forty-eight (48) continuous hours or more and from its condition and the surrounding circumstances…”)
  7. Please park commercial vehicles in the rear portion of your driveway.



1.   Help keep the neighborhood neat and tidy by cutting lawns and shrubs on a regular basis. Add decorative landscape when needed. Please rake leaves and clippings when needed and be sure to keep the curb free of debris so water can run into the storm drains. Refer to the City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code, Ord. No. 18-03, § 1   07-09-03


2.Please update or refurbish the exterior of your home and garage when needed. Paint or replace siding, roof, walkways, gutters, steps and fence areas as well as garage doors. Refer to the City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code, Ord. No. 18-03, § 1   07-09-03


3.Please be aware of the destruction of Ash trees due to the Ash Borer infestation in Lower Michigan.  We will continue to lose Ash trees on the boulevard areas. Please consider any tree trimming or removal very carefully. Trees on City property cannot be removed without city approval.





1.We encourage you to meet your neighbors, attend association meetings, and have block parties. Participate in your neighborhood!


2.Avoid leaving unattended items, toys, tools, bikes, etc. in your front yard for long periods of time.


3.      If your dog barks excessively, do not leave it outside for long periods of time.

(Sec 6-1-5(a), Ord. No. 04-04, § 1, 01-30-04: “Any animal which … unreasonably disturbs or annoys the quiet, comfort, and repose of persons in the vicinity by loud, frequent, habitual, or repeated barking, howling, or yelping … may be declared a public nuisance and subject to capture and abatement by the Animal Control Division or by the Police Department…”)


4.      When walking your dog, please pick up after it.

(Sec 6-1-5(c), Ord. No. 04-04, § 1, 01-30-04: “Where any animal has defecated upon any building, lawn, plant, shrub, tree, or any other public or private property, other than the property of the owner, and the owner of the animal upon notice immediately and properly removes all feces deposited by such animal and disposes of same in a sanitary manner…”)


5.      During periods of heavy snow, please do not leave cars parked out on the street. This is because the snow plowing company which the association contracts cannot plow these areas.


6. Do not park your vehicle in a manner that interrupts garbage pickup for yourself or your neighbors.


7. Please be conscious of music volume and other noise when having parties at your house. (Sec. 36-1-1(a), Ord. No. 8-01, § 1, 7-25-01, Ord. No. 24-04, § 1, 7-14-04: “It is unlawful for any person to unreasonably disturb the public peace and quiet, or to unreasonably disturb or annoy the quiet, comfort and repose of persons in the vicinity by shouting or whistling, by loud, boisterous, or vulgar conduct, or by the playing of a compact disc player, musical instrument, phonograph, radio, tape player, television, videotape machine, or any other device, equipment, or instrument that amplifies, produces, or reproduces sound, in any public or private place.”)


8.Car stereos should be played at a low to moderate level so you do not disturb residents when you drive through the neighborhood. (Sec. 36-1-1(b), Ord. No. 8-01, § 1, 7-25-01, Ord. No. 24-04, § 1, 7-14-04“It is unlawful to operate or play a compact disc player, musical instrument, radio, tape player, or any other device, equipment, or instrument that amplifies, produces, or reproduces sound from any parked or moving motor vehicle in such manner as to be plainly audible at a distance greater than 10 feet from the motor vehicle.”)


9.      Please ensure that car and house alarms are operating properly to avoid false alarms.


10.  Please avoid parking your car in front of your neighbor’s house for long periods of time.


11.  Do your best to resolve disputes and issues with your neighbors in a peaceful and respectful manner.




  1. Please obey the speed limits. Remember that there are many children in our area. The un-posted common residential speed limit is 25 mph.
  2. Respect the intersections; most have posted yield or stop signs; report missing
  3. EEV has a private security patrol, funded by the residents of the neighborhood. The resident cost is 100.00 per home address, for seniors the charge is 75.00 per year. Please call your street representative, see our monthly Newsletter or send us an email for further details.
  4. Kindly shovel your walk promptly after a snowfall. If your neighbor is unable to manage shoveling his or her walk, lend a hand to keep the sidewalk clear and safe.
  5. Whenever possible, park your car in your driveway instead of on the street. Parking on the street (especially overnight) leaves your car open to inspection by thieves. The less opportunity for the thieves, the less likely they will set-up shop in our neighborhood.  Please use your garage.
  6. Please remember to turn your porch light and/or your outside lights nightly. The police have told us repeatedly that a well lit neighborhood is a major crime deterrent because the area is less appealing to thieves. The brighter we make our neighborhood at night, the less likely we will be a target for crime. Please be sensitive to your neighbors needs regarding what type of lighting you are adding to your property.
  7. Please keep trees and shrubs trimmed if they impede the sidewalk or the view of the intersection. It is also recommended that bushes that cover windows and doors around your home be trimmed back. Such bushes can provide ‘cover’ for those that wish to burglarize your property.
  8. Help deter garage theft by keeping your garage door closed and locked.
  9. Keep an eye on your neighbor’s property as if it were your own. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you see something suspicious.