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Spring is here. . . Are you ready?

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within the neighborhoods. This includes reviewing and fixing homes (both private and rental properties) for blight violations and addresses issues such as roof and gutters, dangerous walkways, fences, garage structures and garage doors, paint and siding needs, etc. EEV will continue to see replacement sidewalks being installed in the Village starting this spring again. There are at no charges to the homeowner and DPW is leading the program.

Please keep your property clean and neat. Whether you are an owner or renting a home ~ maintenance is still a necessary labor of love. Spring is a great time to plan and execute those painting and repair projects outside and to finish up those late winter indoor projects before we have great weather outside for all of us to enjoy. We will send additional reminders to residents to help with ongoing street issues.

Recent code violation complaints the City has taken up:

We really need all of us to help maintain and remind our neighbors ~ both new and established ~ to help with everyday property issues such as the following City of Detroit code violation complaints taken over the last several months:

• Cars and/or trucks parked on backyard lawns;

• Outside pets not being cared for properly by the owner and causing rat issues ;

• Garage and shed maintenance including missing or nonworking doors, broken windows and peeling paint;

• Broken or boarded up exterior windows

• General property upkeep and/or maintenance issues such as leaves and trash accumulation

• Basketball hoops are not allowed in the city streets;

• Car repair (all types) are not allowed in the street or public right of way ;

• Any signage posted on light poles or public property is not allowed;

• Damaged cars/trucks sitting in driveways;

• Large RV’s and residential trailers parked on city streets;

• Semi-cabs/trucks or commercial vehicles parked on city streets or on private property;

• Privacy fences and gates in poor condition.

Motor city Cleanup will be May 19-20

The commercial corridors need to be cleaned up as well, and we will be holding a May cleanup date for Motor City Cleanup on the weekend of May 19-20. Information will be coming in the May newsletter as to how to join the team for the exciting makeover. Our issues continue with semitrucks using our safe village as a parking lot! Please call DPD and or the company information posted on the truck to report if you see them parking in EEV commercial lots. Sadly, some of the trucking professionals are neighbors living on Bishop, Harvard, and Kensington and west of us in Morningside.

April meeting features ideas for garage maintenance

At the April general meeting we will be focusing on garage maintenance. The garage is an extension of our home and is a value in everyday life and resale not just to you but the village overall. We will have several presentations from Building and Safety as well as representatives from garage building companies to ask questions and get some ideas.

Detroit is ticketing for trash cans left in the street after collection day

A spring warning: City of Detroit DPW violation tickets will be issued for noncompliance for trash cans placed out in the street after collection day, bulk and landscape trash out before the correct day and trash cans in driveways or front yards. Please pay attention to this warning! It’s your responsibility to maintain your property. Trash cans must be placed back in your yard past the point of the back of the house, not in front of your gate or at the side of your own home or neighbors. We are a better neighbor if we take care of the small stuff first and not let issues grow..

Thanks to those who helped during this snowy winter!

Many thanks to the residents that paid for the 2017/2018 snow removal fund. Despite the lack of funding, it was a season to remember in a good way AND, thankfully, we made it through once again! The monies collected for snow removal are always rolled over to the next season if not used. If you haven't already contributed to the fund, please consider making a donation. It's one of the services we've been able to provide for over 30 years and just one of the many reasons EEV is "Detroit's Neighborhood of the Year 2016 & 2017!

Please join us at the April meeting for a potluck dinner. We will have a few special guests joining us as well.

Walking Club starts up again on April 24

Our Walking Club is starting back up on Saturdays. We have targeted April 24 as the date for our first spring walk. Join us at 4240 Kensington from 9-10:30 a.m as we walk the village. Please check EEV’s FB page for details and reminders. All are welcome! Wishing each of you and your family and friends a safe and Happy Easter! Shalom and Happy Passover!

Best regards,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association



Taken from the latest newsletter