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May Greetings!

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Meanwhile, please remind your neighbors and family members to slow down at each intersection and on main roads such as Chandler Park Dr.

Useful information will be offered at our May meeting

Our May meeting is just around the corner - we will be covering some special topics such as Mental Health fitness, awareness and information as well as Special Assessment District information, Code enforcement, mini bike laws and preparing for the upcoming spring clean ups. We will continue our practice - as in past election years - of hosting three candidates for various offices at each meeting thru July.

Work continues on quality of life issues

Efforts continue - with the assistance of DPD Fifth Precinct Commander Ewing, Captain Bliss and their officers as well as the Building, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department - to focus on current quality of life issues. We will review and provide an update of our progress. Please contact your Street Rep and/or your Block Captain for more information regarding blight or other matters of concern. We need and appreciate your partnership to maintain our status as a "Community of Choice".

Vehicles are not to be parked on any lawn area, and pets must be taken care of ~ for their benefit and the benefit of your neighbors. Garbage cans of all types are to be placed behind the line of the back of the house – not the driveway or under your neighbor's windows on the driveway side.

These are City of Detroit Code violations, folks, so please adhere. We don't want anyone to receive an unnecesary ticket particularly since we've addressed these same violations month after month. Let's clean up the issue! Please refer to your trash collection calendar for proper pick up dates! This information is also included in the newsletter calendar each month and weekly reminders on Facebook and Nextdoor.

Welcome to new neighbors!

Warmest welcome to all of our new residents to the Village! As a result of the positive publicity about our Detroit Curbed Cup Best Neighborhood Award, Morgan and Danny Ribble researched EEV and are new residents on Yorkshire. We're very happy that you decided to make EEV your home! WELCOME! Please have a happy and safe Mother's Day and Memorial Day weekend!

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter