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Anticipating a happy
& prosperous 2018

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We have had our share of issues this past year – some good, solid advancement and some setbacks as well but we always rally as volunteers. A majority of our 2017 volunteer Board Members are back in various ways and we have added some new faces to the team.

I want to thank the entire 2017 Board for their volunteer commitment to EEVA and the City of Detroit.

January meeting will focus on safety, code enforcement, Special Assessment District

Current Safety and Code Enforcement will be the main topics at the January general meeting. We will resume our education on the Special Assessment District program. We deserve and expect to see the neighboring properties kept in great shape like so many of our own. We will also address and review various issues that many of you have brought up in the past few months.

Lit decorations at 16500 Chandler Park
Winner of the 2017 Christmas Decorating Contest

Snow removal depends on all of us!

Once again, we ask you to come together and support our general services (security and snow removal) for 2018. If you are new – welcome. If you’re an established resident of EEV and live within the borders of East English Village, we need you to do your part. Snow removal can cost a minimum of $5000 per plow for the entire village area. Snow plowing is determined on monies we have collected for services each year and the weather forecast for the next few days. Monies not spent on seasonal maintenance issues roll to the next year and are earmarked for the same items.

Snowfall was 59% above average!

Remembering last winter's continuous snowfall, it is unnerving to envision the outcome if we don’t plow. Already this December, metro Detroit had received 16.7 inches of snow.

According to weather service data, our average is 12.4 inches. This has resulted in a 59% above average snowfall! Please remember to shovel for the mail carriers and your neighbors attempting to navigate the sidewalks.

Thanks to all who made holiday party a great night of merriment!

On December 10, we held our annual EEVA holiday party at St. Clare. What a great night of merriment with friends and neighbors! Great thanks to our chairpersons Misty Carpus and Marcie Aydelotte along with the many volunteers who helped put the event on. The food was outstanding as always – our residents sure know how to cook and bake!

A special treat was to have live music performed once again this year. This year’s musical guest was Dan Bergan. Special thanks to The Holliness/Barlage families for the funding support for the live performance. Thanks to Gwen Wee for the ladders, Justin Hewitt and Steven Thornhill for the donations for the snow removal and EEVA plaque, Bill Barlage for the EEVA plaque, Marilyn Barlage for the floral arrangements, Luke Boyea for beverages, Bernice Sabatella for the gift baskets, Kroger for the gift card, the set up assistance from Tim and Mike from St. Clair. At the end of the evening we packaged up the leftovers and poinsettias for the DPD 5th Precinct officers. We were thanked a million times over –

Appreciation for those who made our activities successful

Thanks to all who participated in so many activities this past year including village cleanups, registered volunteer drivers and event volunteers as well as attending and supporting EEV events. it all makes a difference!

Tax foreclosure workshop coming up in January

We have many hot topics and positive issues we need to address this year to keep EEV "a community of choice." The foreclosure issues are still present, but we are working diligently to keep the homes on track. We will be hosting a Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Workshop the last week of January – please join us at the January 10 General Meeting for more details. if your home is at risk of foreclosure, there are ways to save your property! We will cover the housing issues as well as reviewing our options on upkeep and EEV events for 2018.

Two Christmas tree pickup dates

Please remember trash cans must be taken in each week and Christmas tree pick up occurs the first two weeks of January (Jan 5 and Jan 11).

Please continue to check on neighbors and outside pets as the weather changes!

Happy New Year to all,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter