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Happy Thanksgiving!

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our speeding issues on Chandler Park Drive, which he said he would review with Sheriff Benny Napoleon, the proposed Wayne County jail site and various County issues. We heard from scheduled candidates Latisha Johnson and Tanisha Yancey ESQ, running for various local offices in the November general election. One of our special guests was Howard Appel, director of Hagopian Cleaning Services. Hagopian is promoting a new Cleaning Division dealing with whole home duct cleaning.

You can now download the new EEV app!

The new EEV App launched in early October, and was developed by The Edison App Company, owned by village residents Stephen Thornhill and Justin Hewitt. The app, which serves as a very special communication tool for EEVA and its residents, features a number of robust features. The app's functionality includes information about our Village, a calendar of events, a payment gateway for donations and services, interactive communication and imaging functions for everything from lost pets and code violations, and much more.

To download the app, simply search the iTunes App Store or Google Play for East English Village.

Order your plaque now

Our big fund raiser is underway with our very own custom home plaque. (See Page 9 of the newsletter) The plaque has East English Village on the top with our signature tulip and is customized with the year your EEV home was built. The units are special order only. They can be ordered on line or at any general meeting.

Holiday Party will be on Dec. 10

Our Annual Holiday Party is being planned for Sunday, Dec.10, from 5-9 p.m.at St. Clare – additional details will be forthcoming. As always we need volunteer support – please contact Misty Carpus at events@eastenglishvillage. org to help. It's a great evening filled with food, great music and, of course, Santa.

About those power outages...

Our Village was hit with several power outages in late October – we are currently investigating the source of the problems. We will provide an update and would like to thank the many neighbors who went out of their way to make sure we were safe, including our own 5th Precinct officers who provided extra patrols.

Police nabbed garage robbers!

Speaking of being hit – we also had the issue of garages being broken into this past month. DPD caught individuals who were involved. To the diligent residents who reported crimes – thank you! For the residents who reported issues on Facebook or Next Door but did nothing to officially report a break-in or a so-called break-in – what are you waiting for? Please make a report - your neighbors need your help!

Final yard waste pickup will be Dec. 7

Due to the extended warm weather and late falling of leaves, the city has extended the residential landscaping pickup dates. The final yard waste pickup will be Dec. 7. This includes leaf bags and fall cleanup – it’s your responsibility to make sure leaves are picked up in a timely manner. The revised date will be posted. Please call your street rep for further information. Please don’t risk a ticket.

Make sure we can keep plowing the snow

Help fund our annual snow removal program – it’s over thirty years in the making and sure comes in handy but it’s never free. The cost per household is $35 per year. The fund grows if not used during the current season, but in a harsh winter, the cost can exceed $15,000. We have 72 intersections and all regular roads including side streets are cleared in EEV when we are able to afford to plow. This is not only a convenience for the community but also a safety benefit issue. Please contribute.

Elections this month

Our annual elections are being held in November. See Page 5 of the newsletter for a description of the Board positions and volunteer opportunities. I want to thank the EEV team for a year of hard work and village commitment. We continue to help and strengthen our neighborhood with so many volunteer efforts each and every day.

On a personal note, as I write this month’s article, my family and I want to thank so many friends in EEV and the city for reaching out in various beautiful ways regarding my sister Denise Barlage’s passing on October 10th . Denise was diagnosed with cancer fifteen months ago and was a valiant fighter against the disease. Denise left her friendly and positive mark on the world and always enjoyed visiting the eastside and EEV.

I hope that you, your family and friends enjoy a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.

Best regards,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter