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It's been a great summer!

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please contact residential@ eastenglishvillage.org. Thanks to David Teeter and our Garden Club members who served as judges this year.

Summer fair unites three neighborhoods

MECCA held their annual summer fair at Balduck Park the same day as the garage sale, bringing East English Village, Cornerstone and Morningside residents together with the business community for a day filled with activities, food, communication and fun.

On Aug. 19-20, a team of volunteers participated in an EEV fundraising event out at Selfridge Air Force Base. Thanks to resident Ethan S. Boyd, who brought this great opportunity to EEV.

Beautifully landscaped front lawn
First place winner in Landscape Contest

Save the dates! Halloween is just around the corner! Angel’s Night patrol is next month (Oct. 29-30) along with the Halloween home decorating contest. Please consider volunteering for this worthwhile effort. It just takes an hour or two of your time to drive and patrol our community and what a difference it makes!

There's an added bonus of sharing a pot luck dish and an evening of comraderie with neighbors. To sign up, go to angelsnight@eastenglishvillage.org OR sign up at the general meeting. We invite all to join your neighbors for another great meeting.

Great opportunity to hear from Mayor Duggan

Again, for this month only, we will meet at St. Matthew's Church on September 13 at 7 p.m. Don't miss this great opportunity to meet with Mayor Mike Duggan and hear the latest on many issues that we are working on as well as some very special important announcements. Believe me, you'll want to hear this first-hand! Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Best regards,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter