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Happy spring everyone!

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paint and siding needs, etc. Continue to keep your property clean and neat. Owning or renting a home is a labor of love.

Spring is a great time to plan and execute those exterior home improvement and repair projects as well as completing those late winter indoor projects so that when our great Michigan weather finally arrives (AND IT WILL ARRIVE!), we can all enjoy being outdoors. Bottom line: We don't want anyone to get an unnecessary ticket.

May meeting will feature speakers on how to maintain your garage

At the May General Meeting, we will be focusing on garage maintenance from doors to gutters, etc. The garage is an extension of our home and is a true value in everyday life as well as resale. We will have several presentations from Building Safety Engineering & Environmental Dept (BSEED) as well as representatives from local garage contractors. Come prepared to ask questions and get some ideas.

Make sure to put out trash correctly!

A Spring Warning: City of Detroit DPW Violation tickets will be issued for noncompliance for bulk and landscape trash put out before the correct day, trash cans left out in the street after collection day and trash cans remaining in driveways or front yards.

Bins should not be put out before 6PM (night prior to pickup service) or after 7PM (day of pickup). Per City ordinance, trash cans must be placed in your yard past the point of the rear of the house, not in front of your gate or at the side of your own or your neighbor's home. Please pay attention to this warning – it's your responsibility to maintain your property! Remind your neighbors. AGAIN, we don't want anyone to get an unnecessary ticket. We are a better neighbor if we take care of the small stuff first and not let issues grow.

Thanks to all those who contributed to snow removal fund

We want to thank so many residents that paid for the 2016/2017 snow removal fund. It was a season to remember in a good way and we made it through once again. The monies collected for snow removal are always rolled over to the next calendar year if not used.

Private security service & voluntary drivers

Regarding contracting our private security service, we are now entering our 14th year with Proguard Security Services. The paid patrol is a simple yet effective deterrent – thanks for the ongoing support. Please continue to turn your porch lights on at night and use motion detectors for other areas. We continue to drive as volunteer residents and that is paying off in positive ways. Please join us at the April meeting to discuss a version of the Radio Patrol for 2017. We have additional friendly eyes driving and averting issues the best we can but in this process, we also are aware of other occurrences in our community. Finding lost pets, observing and communicating open garage doors at night to homeowners and following up on our nightly walkers and bikeriders are just a few examples.

Good news on crime rate

Special thanks to our DPD Commander Ewing, Captain Bliss and their outstanding team of officers for continuing to bring down the crime rate. As a result of the strong leadership and commitment of our Fifth Precinct officers - combined with our EEV partnership – crime continues to be very low!

Highlights of April neighborhood meeting

Joining us at our our April Meeting is the new District 4 Manager, Ms. Letty Azar, whom I'm sure will have lots of great info to share. Also, Wayne County Commissioner Tim Killeen, the Director of Public Services for Wayne County Beverly Watts as well as a representative from the City of Detroit will discuss the various responsibilities for County roads. I know that the issue of speeding on Chandler Park Drive has come up again and again and again. Come with your questions and be prepared to discuss what can and cannot be done to address this concern and anything else relative to roads. Join us at the April meeting for a Potluck Dinner. We will have a few other special guests joining us as well.

Special Assessment District review committee to be formed

We continue to gather vital information about the Special Assessment District. A Review Committee for the Special Assessment District will be formed. This committee will review the overall program to present to the Village for consideration later this year. If you are interested in working on this committee, please sign up at the April General Meeting or email president@eastenglishvillage.org.

Join our walking club!

Our EEV Walking Club is starting back up on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:30AM. April 8th will be our first spring walk. Join us at 4240 Kensington as we walk the village. Please check EEV's Facebook page for details and reminders. All are welcome! I hope you and family have a safe and Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter