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Happy autumn!

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year each home was built. Please see the newsletter for ordering instructions. We have had a positive response for this effort – many thanks to Justin Hewett for spearheading this effort.

Be aware of rules for car repair and trash can location

PLEASE NOTE: Repairing vehicles in the street or parking cars and trucks on lawns is NOT allowed by City Code and, frankly, has many neighbors upset. Use your driveway or garage to facilitate your car needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Trash cans must be pulled back behind the line of the home – we are again asking inspectors to handle this issue. Residents should not have to deal with a neighbor's trash can out under their windows. Trash cans are NOT ALLOWED out in front of your home! Bulk Trash issues continue to plague us.

Why would some residents continue to ignore simple guidelines regarding placing bulk out on the curb early week after week after week? Some would say we need to educate; others would say its clear and blatant disregard for the neighbors. In truth, it’s a little of both. It starts with you! Take ownership and inform and educate your neighbors on the appropriate day for bulk trash. See calendar showing the 2017 trash schedule.

Halloween decorations on a front lawn
Get ready for the Halloween decorating contest!

We regularly post on several social media pages and in the monthly newsletter calendar.Finally, each week we take a great amount of time to report to the city repeat offenders.

Lost pets at all-time high last month

PLEASE NOTE: Lost pets were at an all-time high this past month. Keep your pets safe. In the event you lose your dog, please remember to contact Lost Pets Chairperson Karlene Trump for lawn signs to advertise your lost pets along with utilizing social media (EEV Facebook and Nextdoor) and communicating to your Street Rep. Posting any paper sign for lost/ found pets and/or services on light poles or trees are not allowed by City of Detroit Code Ordinance. Signs and advertisements posted is illegal. Posting illegal signs creates an eyesore and distracts motorists. This action can result in fines. Signs will be removed if posted in this manner.

Time for Halloween decorating!

Remember to decorate for the Annual Halloween Home Decorating contest. Judging will take place during the week of October 18th. Prizes will be awarded that evening.

Join us on Angels Night

We hope to see all of you participate in some way in our annual Detroit Angels' Night Program (Oct. 29th & 30th). Security Chair Gwen Wee and Residential Chair Kathy Roddie will cover details and explain how to volunteer for this annual event at the next meeting on Wednesday, October 11, at 7 PM at St. Clair.

County Exec Evans to be featured speaker at next meeting

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans will be our featured speaker and a representative to review Detroit Home Repair Loans. The last three candidates for various elected positions will also be on the agenda.

Time to clear out the leaves!

Please remind your neighbors to help keep up the Village street surfaces and drains during the fall season by clearing leaves. It all makes a difference by paying attention to our landscape pick up schedule.

Thanks to all those who help make EEV a great neighborhood

Thanks to all the EEVA Board Members, all of our volunteers and to you - the engaged residents - who work diligently on projects that promote and move the Village forward. We all have so many things on our plate these days, but working together for the common good makes a positive impact on this special community you and I call home!

Village elections coming up in November

Our annual Village elections will be held in November – please see the nomination form in the newsletter and consider volunteering on behalf of EEV. We continue to have an outstanding neighborhood with incredible people – it’s our time to shine.

Wishing Officer King a speedy recovery

One last bit of news . . . On September 15, Officer Herman King was involved in a personal auto accident and hospitalized. Officer King is on the mend and will be out for several weeks. Please make sure you sign his get well card(s) at the October meeting. We are hoping for a speedy and full recovery.

Best regards,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter