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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Councilwoman Janee' Ayers; Vicki Kovari, General Manager of the Department of Neighborhoods; Detroit Fire Department Captain Chris Dixon (whose delightful fire safety presentation included the use of a rubber chicken and the assistance of Councilwoman Ayers!); and Brandon Faber, Director of Community Engagement for the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, who shared exciting news about the partnership w/Emagine Entertainment to open a community movie theater at the location later this year.

We also received updates from our 5th Precinct NPOs and news about events being sponsored at our Jefferson Branch Library from Kelley Glancy.

On Feb. 15, the Phil Hale Trio performed as part of a Free Concert Series at the Jefferson Branch Library. See more in our March newsletter.

The grand finale was the awarding of the Curbed Cup for Best Detroit Neighborhood 2016 presented by Robin Runyon, Editor. The beautiful trophy (funded by EEV) has plenty of room for future inscriptions. So EEV ~ let's enjoy this recognition which has resulted in positive local, national and international awareness of our great community.

We want to thank and acknowledge the generous donation of $925 from our strong supporter, Bob Maxey Lincoln. We appreciate the efforts of Phil Zang for coordinating the oil change incentive campaign for our neighborhood. Every oil and filter changed resulted in a $25 donation to EEV. Thanks to the 37 residents who participated in this fundraiser.

Put these dates in your 2017 calendar

Some important dates to put on your calendar for 2017: Detroit Partnership Day (our EEV Spring Cleanup) will take place on Saturday, April 1. We will once again have the support of students from the University of Michigan. We need volunteers from every block to help in this endeavor. If you can spare even an hour or two, please contact Kathy Roddie at residential@eastenglishvillage.org to volunteer. There will also be a sign-up sheet at our March meeting.

Our Landscaping Contest judging will take place between July 22-29 and our Annual Garage Sale will occur on Aug. 12- 13. This way visitors to our neighborhood will be able to take notice of the signage in front of the homes that have been recognized this year.

Trash pickup reminders

Facebook, Nextdoor and our monthly newsletter provide information about trash pickup days. Last month's newsletter contained a calendar insert for the GFL (Green for Life) 2017 schedule. Many thanks to Sue Bourgeois for, once again, designing this helpful tool. Also a big thank you to Susie Lawrence (EEV Facebook) and Lil Cortes (Nextdoor) for faithfully posting these important reminders each week.

Tickets are being issued for trash containers placed prior to 6 p.m. (night before pickup) and after 7 p.m. (day of pickup). Please be aware AND remind your neighbors.

Committee to review Special Asessment District program

We continue to gather vital information about the Special Assessment District. A review committee will be formed to review the overall program to present to the village for consideration later this year. If you are interested in working on this committee, please sign up at the March general meeting or email president@eastenglishvillage. org

Good news for EEV homeowners! Home sale prices are on the rise again with recent purchases hitting up to $160,000. We have much interest in our neighborhood and are helping potential residents identify homes for sale.

Welcome to new residents!

We are excited to welcome many new residents to our EEV family. Now that the weather is improving, I'm sure we'll see more neighbors out and about. Take time to introduce yourself and invite these new residents to a future meeting. We are excited to have residents moving in, bringing energy and lots of creative ideas and working with our wonderful base of long term residents. We know our community's value and it continues to show with your help!

Finally, Mayor Duggan's State of the City brought significant attention to what needs to be done to truly make Detroit a great city: namely, more focus on the neighborhoods. We have established a great working relationship with the Mayor's office and Detroit City Council and will continue to work closely with them to improve our little piece of the "D". We will keep you updated on positive future developments.

Hope to see many of you at the March 8 General Meeting. We will have a very special announcement! Please plan on attending. In the words of the late great comedian Robin Williams: Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party!'

Best regards,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter