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Enjoy the summer!

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for not moving their cars off the street for cleaning. Please move them next time you are asked – otherwise, you might not be so fortunate! Most of our residents want and deserve clean streets! Thanks for cooperating to ensure this much-needed service continues.

New city guidelines for containing dogs

In April we saw new City of Detroit Pet Guidelines being established when it comes to containing dogs in yards. We are aware of the City investigating issues on Yorkshire and other streets where pets are not being taken care of in an appropriate manner. Please do your part in keeping your pet safe and sound. Our EEV community is aware of mistreatment incidents, and we continue to report issues and advocate on behalf of these unfortunate, defenseless animals.

Getting ready for the landscape contest!

It’s a pleasure to report that even with summer just upon us – residents are well underway redoing landscaping and planting flowers in time for the Annual Landscape Contest July 22-29.

Helping our neighbors & sprucing up our streets

I would like to thank the caring residents that have helped each other with cutting grass at Emma House properties this past month. It’s been a very tough month. Please continue to reach out to each other on your block and take action if grass needs to be cut. EEV has mowers to lend at no charge. Contact your street rep or Kathy Roddie, our Residential Chair, for further information on where to pick up the mower. All we ask is that you supply the gas and check the lawn before cutting.

We have had issue with illegal dumping at Berden and Yorkshire. The properties in question are owned – most of the dumping is coming from the Yorkshire residents on that block. Take the time to correct it now! We will be visiting several blocks that need some assistance in the months of June and July to see how we and the City can be of assistance to improve the overall area!

Local officers appreciate meals we donated

In May we had the privilege of providing meals for the entire Fifth Precinct as part of National Police Appreciation Week. EEV covered meals for the Thursday night midnight shift – morning roll call, lunch and dinner the following night for the afternoon shift. We had Board representation at all shifts to personally thank our officers and to place and serve a wide variety of beverages, salads, sandwiches, snacks and desserts. Thanks to all who coordinated, shopped, served and participated in cleanup services for the big event. The Fifth Precinct officers, Captain Bliss and Commander Ewing were most appreciative of our commitment.

Garage sale is coming up!

Our annual EEVA Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, August 12th and 13th from 9AM-5PM. This is a great way to clean out and start anew with regard to decorating or making room in the garage and basement for all the things you loved but no longer have the space to accommodate! Please contact Kathy Roddie (residential@eastenglishvillage. org) if you can lend a hand for the garage sale this year or need additional information. We expect all who participate in this Village event to help with the cost of publicizing this event. It's a modest $5.00 per day. Registration information will be in the July/ August newsletters.

We are collecting for the 2017/18 snow removal season, and it’s time again to help pay for the private security – Pay Pal is available.

Highlight preview of June meeting

At our June meeting we will review the newest rental code procedures that were rolled out in May from the Mayor’s office. Our guest speakers will be Alvin Horn regarding the Special Assessment District and, hopefully, Mayor Duggan. We will also address garage code issues and will have representatives discussing maintenance and upkeep of garages. The Detroit Land Bank will give us an update and - to round out the evening - we will have three speakers running for various offices in this upcoming election.

REMINDER: Our summer meetings are pot luck – please bring your special dish to pass! Wishing all a safe and Happy Father’s Day and 4th of July holiday!

Best regards,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association


Taken from the latest newsletter