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Curbside recycling
& garbage pickup
for the East English Village community

Leave normal trash out in your Courville container for pickup on Thursday mornings.
Bulk trash & trash for recycling is picked up every other Thursday.

On those sameThursdays, yard waste is picked up April through mid-December.

See full schedule for 2017

To get a trash bin or the blue bin for recycling:

Residents need to contact GFL Environmental to request a courville trash bin or a 64-gallon recycling container. There is a one time fee of $25 for the cart, which can be paid by mail or online.

For more information.


For current recycling:

There is bi-weekly curbside pickup of limited recyclable materials.placed in blue recycling bins.

Place your bin containing the three groups below – metal, plastic and paper – in front of your house.

Yard waste

All grass clippings, leaves and small twigs must be placed at the curb at least 6 ft. from the Courville container in biodegradable paper bags or a personal garbage can • YARD WASTE WILL NOT BE COLLECTED IN PLASTIC BAGS • Branches and twigs less than 2 inches in diameter should be cut down and placed in biodegradable bags. Branches and twigs up to 4 ft. in length and nor more than 4 inches in diameter, should be bundled and tied securely. Bundles should not weigh more than 60 pounds •


Curbside recycling pickup accepts bottles!

The curbside pickup will accept four groups of recyclables:

Metal, Paper, Bottles and Plastic

1) Metal: any type of metal including cans, wire hangers, bottle caps, tin foil, etc. 

2) Plastic:  includes all containers that are marked with #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, or #7 inside of the triangle on the bottom.  If you cannot locate a number but see a recycling symbol triangle, the item is recyclable.  If you cannot locate a number OR a recycling symbol triangle, please dispose of the item in your regular garbage.  As for plastic bags, the same rules apply.  If there is no marking, the item is not recyclable: Ziploc bags, chip bags, most bubble wrap, etc.

Examples of bags that may be recyclable are bread bags, packing material, shrink wrap, etc. Remember that these items are only recyclable if marked as such.  However, if a bag came from the grocery store, from the dry-cleaner, or in the mail, you can assume that it is recyclable. Please take the time to look for a recycling symbol on bags as many manufacturers are getting better about marking their products for recycling.

3) Paper is accepted curbside and does not need to be presorted.  This includes newspaper, magazines, mail, school/office paper, etc.  Chipboard is also accepted; examples of which include cereal and pasta boxes.  Cardboard can be placed in the bin as long as it is ripped or cut up so it can fit within the container.  A particularly large box could be recycled slowly over a few pickups or brought to a Recycle Here! location.Paper soiled with food (like used paper plates or used paper towels) are not recyclable and should be disposed of with your regular refuse.

Labels do not need to be removed from containers.  Please be sure all food items are rinsed free of food and dry!

4) Glass bottles can now be put in the curbside bin.

For more information, see GFL Environmental reclycling FAQs.

Packing the bin

It is important to be aware of how you place items in the bin for one simple reason: your neighbors don’t want it blown across their lawn!  Let's make sure that all of this recyclable material is picked up by the trucks and is not causing a littering problem.  Because the bins in the eastside program are traditional recycling bins, they do not have a top enclosure.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to put all paper into a brown paper bag.  Also, it would be wise to secure all recyclable plastic bags by tying them into one recyclable plastic bag, etc.  While it does not matter what order the items are placed in the bin, please be sure they are packed to keep them IN the bin! 

You can also recycle at the Mobile Recycling Station
or the Main Recycling location

See Calendar page for times

At 1331 Holden, near Grand Blvd and the Lodge Freeway.

There are recyclable items that you will not be able to place into your recycling bins. 
Items like batteries and lightbulbs need to be disposed of in a responsible manner.

To recycle other materials which are listed below, you must take these items to the Mobile Recycling Station or the Main Recycling location at 1331 Holden, near Grand Blvd and the Lodge Freeway.
There is a Mobile Station at Chalmers and Jefferson, near our neighborhood, the fourth Saturday of each month from 10 am – 2 pm.  This station can take ALL items listed below except large electronics.
It is also important to note that we do accept electronics, but only at the main site at 1331 Holden.   Because of their bulk, it is difficult to collect electronics at mobile sites.

Other Items Recyclable at the Mobile Station or the Main Station


Glass must be separated into clear, brown, and green. Any other colors, such as blue or red glass, should be put in with the green glass. Labels and tops can be left on the glass, although metal tops can be recycled with the metal. Glass composites such as Plexiglas can not be recycled. Most of the glass we recycle is pulverized and used in road construction.


This category includes orange juice, milk, soy milk, and juice box containers. The plastic tops should be removed, and the containers flattened to save space. Please make sure that all containers are rinsed to avoid unwanted odors.


Household batteries only. This includes AAA through D, 9 volt, and cell phone batteries. Please make sure that they are in a separate bag. We CAN NOT accept car batteries or any other heavy duty industrial batteries.


Old computers, CD players, VCRs, and televisions are accepted. Computers and electronics in working condition can be donated to Salvation Army. We also accept cell phones and old printer cartridges, but they must be collected separate from computers and electronics.