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Safety and Security

The East English Village Security program consists of 3 distinct components. Those components are The EEV Paid Private Security Patrol program, The EEV Volunteer Driver Patrol and The EEV Hotline.

Each component plays an integral part in the continued success of the security team to thwart the efforts of those who would commit home invasions, steal cars, and otherwise make the neighborhood an unsafe place to live.


The EEV Paid Private Security Patrol operates daily and is funded by members who send the annual fee ($100/ $75 senior). The service patrols our neighborhood with flashing lights and is there to observe and report any suspicious persons or activities. Those who contribute may request a vacation watch while they are out of town, or can ask for the driveway to door escort during which the driver observes that you have a safe entry from your driveway into your home. Those who contribute receive the security telephone number to call. For more information please contact security@eastenglishvillage.org or Bill Barlage at president@eastenglishvillage.org. For your convenience, you can make your security payment online!


The EEV Volunteer Driver Patrol is newly formed and chaired by resident Tim Ossman. Residents volunteer to drive a 3 hour shift in the neighborhood and are required to use the car signs and flashing lights used by the patrol. They drive in teams of two and their role is to observe and report suspicious or dangerous activity and safety issues such as abandoned homes, abandoned vehicles, stray dogs etc... They also serve as a deterrent by being visible on the streets during peak hours. The volunteer driver patrol meets on the third Monday of each month. For more information, please contact Tim Ossman at security@eastenglishvillage.org.


The EEV Hotline is in place to gather information from the residents on what’s happening in the neighborhood. Use it to report suspicious activities and people as well as safety concerns. PLEASE- if there is an emergency- CALL 9-1-1 first! Our hotline is not answered. You must lease a message. All calls and information going to it are listened to and the information is shared throughout the security patrols, police department and at the community meetings. Our hotline number is 313-216-1729 or email us at association@eastenglishvillage.org.



If you cannot afford to pay the annual security fee, but would like to contribute in some way, there are plenty of opportunities. We need people to stuff envelopes, write articles about security for the newsletter, drive as a partner with the volunteer patrol or help with the information sharing side of the job. Contact Lori Sowle at security@eastenglishvillage.org to see how you can help.



EEV Security Team- helping to keep EEV a Community of Choice