On Monday, September 30, an enthusiastic and optimistic group of people from our three communities – East English Village, Morningside and Cornerstone Village – gathered on the campus of Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church awaiting the good news. What a beautiful afternoon! The sun was shining! The people were smiling! The crowd was energized and the announcement of a future development plan for our community was positively recognized. Remarks by Mayor Duggan, Councilman Spivey and the three neighborhood association presidents Bill Barlage, Jackie Grant and Jim Grenwick each sharing their individual messages of collaboration and participation were all well received. But the warmest response went to CEO Daniel Loepp who confirmed that his company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, was committing $5 million in neighborhood funding to kickstart the development process in our three neighborhoods.

On Thursday, October 17, a follow-up “Meet & Greet” was held at the Alger Theater. Many members of the East Warren/Cadieux Development Team attended including Aaron Domini, Allen Penniman, Josh Bails and District 4 Manager Letty Azar from the City of Detroit as well as representatives from the contracted professional firms of OHM, Quinn Evans, Urban Strategies, 3C, 4ward Planning and livingLAB. It was an opportunity to personally speak with these individuals, ask questions, share some thoughts and visit with neighbors.

The residents of East English Village are truly grateful for this visible show of good faith to help us further improve and develop our East Warren Corridor. We are excited to participate and have a strong voice in this process. We have the assurance from the City that providing feedback as to what businesses our residents would like to see along East Warren AND, even more importantly, what would they support will be essential in devising a successful plan. It is gratifying to know that the results of the various focus groups, surveys and committees – which many of our residents have participated in over the past three years – are finally coming to fruition.

The residents of EEV are enthusiastic about moving ahead with the planning process and feel privileged to have Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan as our corporate partner. This is a significant commitment and we can’t imagine a better team. Now, let’s get this party started! ~ Maureen Dritsan