The annual elections of the East English Village officers and street reps will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at the association’s general meeting. The elected positions are: President, 1st Vice President,2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Street Representative for these streets: Bishop, Cadieux, Chandler Park, Grayton, Harvard, Kensington, Outer Drive/Whittier, and Yorkshire. The responsibilities for each position are shown on the list to the right. Write the name and position for your nomination and mail by November 8 to: East English Village Association, PO Box 241009, Detroit MI 48224.


Responsibilities of Elected EEV Board Positions Here’s what each position does for East English Village.

PRESIDENT * Prepare agendas and conduct General Meetings and Board Meetings * Appoint committees and monitor, or delegate the monitoring of, the principal activities of these committees * Attend, or appoint a representative to attend, meetings of other neighborhood organizations and business associations as a representative of EEV * Arrange for speakers for the General Meetings * Report monthly at the General Meeting of the activities he/she has conducted or attended on behalf of the Association since the time of the previous report.

1ST VICE PRESIDENT * Perform all duties of the president in his/her absence. * Attend General Meetings and Operations Council meetings * Monitor committee activities as requested by the president * Assist the president in the scheduling of speakers for the General Meetings.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT * Perform all duties of the 1st Vice President in his/her absence. * Maintain all records of the Association except the financial accounts * Maintain the records of the Board and Block Captain network * Maintain list of occasional volunteers

TREASURER * Maintain the financial records of the Association * Collect and dispense the Association’s funds * Report on the finances of the Association at the General Meetings and Board meetings. * Arrange for an annual audit of the financial accounts * Arrange with a local bank to deposit the Association’s funds and maintain a checking account for the transaction of the association’s business * Disburse the Association’s funds as approved by the Board

RECORDING SECRETARY * Record the minutes of each Board meeting * Provide the previous meeting minutes at each meeting * Maintain such records as are requested by the President and/or the Board Meeting * Pick up, or arrange to have collected, the Association’s mail at the Post Office box at least on a weekly basis

STREET REPRESENTATIVES * Assure that each block on the street he/she represents has a block captain * Coordinate projects with the block captains as necessary * Any other duties deemed necessary by the Board