Happy fall!

This summer has been a hot one for the record books – hopefully your garden and lawn survived the blazing sun day after day.

Please note: Our September meeting – September 12, 2018 at 7 pm – will be held in the lower meeting hall under the gym
– the last building west of the church, while the St Clare School annual book sale is in progress in the church basement.

In the month of August we had plenty of outstanding events going on: our annual garage sale had great weather and a solid showing of village treasures and finds. Thanks to all that partici- pated, especially Kathy Roddie, Sue Bourgeois, LaShandra West and other wonderful volunteers who made the weekend happen.

The annual EEV Landscape contest was held with many new properties being recognized this year; we had over 100 winners with our three top picks shown in the photos. We have so many beautiful properties in EEV – thanks to everyone who work so diligently making their homes

Thanks to all who participated in the EEV Garage Sale!

Here’s to a great fall!

a showplace. If you would like to help with next year’s event please contact residential@east- englishvillage.org. Many thanks go out to this year’s volunteer judging team.

Halloween Plot Twist! The holiday is just around the cor- ner, but the annual Angel’s night patrol will no longer be in place city-wide. A special evening will be focusing on neighborhood celebration is in the works – stay tuned…

Join your neighborhood Sep- tember 12 at 7 pm for another

great general meeting. We will review the new rental require- ments that are in effect as of September 1st along with our seasonal programs for the 4th quarter. We will also review City of Detroit code rules and our neighborhood standards includ- ing property upkeep, DPW requirements, pet care and traf- fic enforcement along with how you can help with daily issues in your village.

Best regards,

Bill Barlage President