Well spring 2018 has finally arrived, and it’s a welcome change to the dull- ness of this past winter and its darkened days.

Please join your Village neighbors at the annual EEVA Spring Clean Up kick off when we, once again, host University of Michigan student volunteers on Satur- day, April 7. We will need 75 resident volunteers to help with the day’s goals and activities to help clean up the winter debris and clutter. The day starts at 10 a.m. We are meeting at 4240 Kensington for coffee and assignments. As we clean up various village sites, lunch will be provided for the entire team. Events will wrap up around 4 p.m. We will need village volunteers to help host vari- ous assignments that day. Even if you can spare an hour or two, consider joining your neighbors in this group spring cleaning effort! Please sign up with Kathy Roddie, our Residential Chairperson, at residential@eastenglishvil-

lage.org or events@easteng- lisvillage.org.

outside for all of us to enjoy. We will send additional re- minders to residents to help with ongoing street issues. We really need all of us to help maintain and remind our neighbors ~ both new and established ~ to help with everyday property issues such as the following City of Detroit code viola- tion complaints taken over the last several months:

The City of Detroit has continued its program to improve quality of life issues within the neighborhoods. This includes reviewing

and fixing homes (both private and rental proper- ties) for blight violations and addresses issues such as roof and gutters, dangerous walkways, fences, garage structures and garage doors, paint and siding needs, etc.

• Cars and/or trucks parked on backyard lawns
• Outside pets not being cared for properly by the owner and causing rat issues • Garage and shed mainte- nance including missing or nonworking doors, broken windows and peeling paint • Broken or boarded up exterior windows

EEV will continue to see replacement sidewalks be- ing installed in the Village starting this spring again. There are at no charges to the homeowner and DPW is leading the program.

Please keep your property clean and neat. Whether you are an owner or renting a home ~ maintenance is still a necessary labor of love. Spring is a great time to plan and execute those painting and repair projects outside and to finish up those late winter indoor projects be- fore we have great weather

• General property upkeep and/or maintenance issues such as leaves and trash ac- cumulation

• Basketball hoops are not allowed in the city streets a sign-up sheet at our March General Meeting. Our Land- scaping Contest judging will take place in July and our Annual EEV Garage Sale will be held in August. This way visitors to our neighborhood will be able to take notice of the homes that have been recognized this year.

We are continuing to seek individuals willing to help update and refine our web- site. Please contact Nancy Brigham at webmaster@ eastenglishvillage.org to volunteer.

Facebook, Nextdoor and our monthly newsletter provide information about trash and recycling pickup days. January’s newsletter contained a calendar insert for the GFL (Green for Life) 2018 pickup schedule. Many thanks to Sue Bourgeois for, once again, designing this helpful tool. Also a big thank you to Susie Lawrence (EEV Facebook) and Lil Cortes (Nextdoor) for faithfully post- ing these important reminders each week. Tickets are being issued for trash containers on

East English Village

Page 7

you at the March 14 General Meeting at 7 p.m. potluck with meeting to follow.

Best regards,

– Bill Barlage, President

the street prior to 6 p.m. the day before pickup and after 6 p.m. the day of pickup. Please be aware AND remind your neighbors.

We covered the seasonal maintenance program at the general meeting. Please help support our programs that make us a community of choice. Snow plowing costs start at $5,000 per plow – we have 72 blocks and intersec- tions – and we plow curb to curb. We currently have just enough to do one plow at

4 to 6 inches. It is vital that more residents contribute so we don’t face another critical situation as we experienced a few weeks ago. Please sup- port this service by clipping and mailing the payment form on the back page of this newsletter or paying by PayPal at eastenglishvillage. org. Many thanks to all who have paid to date.

We continue to sell our EEV marker plaques. Please see your Street Rep at the general meeting for addi- tional details and the article in this newsletter.

Vital information is being gathered about the Special Assessment District program. A review committee for the Special Assessment District is

currently being formed. This committee will review the overall program to present
to the residents for consider- ation later this year. If you are interested in working on this committee, please contact Kathy Roddie, Residential Chairperson at residential@ eastenglishvillage.org.

Mayor Duggan’s State
of the City is scheduled for March 6. EEV has established a great working relation- ship with the Mayor’s office and City Council and will continue to work closely with them toward improving our little piece of the “D”. We will keep you updated on more positive future develop- ments. Hope to see many of