Mid-Summer Greetings – I hope your holiday was a happy and safe one. Our June meeting was a full house once again! Residents are well underway redoing driveways, replacing garages and porches and painting, along with landscaping and planting flowers in time for the upcoming landscape contest at the end of July.

On June 19th, the Alger Theater unveiled the beautiful new art that is now on the rooftop.

We continue to see new walkways being added by the City of Detroit, an ongoing effort we are grateful they run so well. We would like also like to thank the caring residents that have helped by cutting grass at Emma House properties this past month. Please remember our association has available some lawn equipment that can be used at no charge – contact us at code@eastenglishvillage.org to reserve.

We had more than 50 garage sales!

Our annual EEVA Garage Sale was held on June 22/23. The weather could not

have been better and we had over 50 registered sales by the end of the annual event. Thanks to our Chair Kathy Roddie and volunteers Sue and Joe. Please return your EEV sign ASAP by bringing it to the general meeting in July or dropping it off at 4240 Kensington – we use the signs each year.

National Night Out for Law Enforcement is Aug. 6

On Tuesday, August 6th the Country will be pulling together to celebrate National Night Out for Law Enforcement. We will be covering this important event at the July general meeting with additional details – turning your porch light on each night is a start! Speaking of basic standards and practices…as I write this article we have over 44 homes with bulk or landscaping bags/trash out 5 days before the date. We are calling in inspectors to help educate our residents. We have received countless comments or complaints on simple issues but very notable things in EEV of late – that your neighborhood needs your help on … Window treatments – hanging sheets etc. In windows of beautiful homes takes the beauty away – temporary window blinds come in many colors and are a mere few dollars per window at Home Depot or Lowes.

Holding front lawn parties are also becoming an issue on a few blocks – we all have the luxury of a having a backyard – your neighbors are asking they be used for parties, BBQ’s and pool activities… please note the City of Detroit has a new ordinance covering all BBQ’s unit. Units are to be used only in the rear yard – not on a porch or side drive… The City of Detroit continues to review EEV with regard to code enforcement – please be aware tickets and warning are continuing to be a real thing. Please be respectful of where you call home and follow the city codes.

Good Luck to everyone regarding this year’s Landscape judging at the end of the month. There is lots of competition.

Best regards,

Bill Barlage,
President, East English Village Association